31 Oct. 14:00 - 14:30 | L1 Blue Theatre

Expo Theatre: Enable rapid business transformation in your organisation with the power of Azure Integration Services

Business today changes and moves fast, and keeping IT moving at the same speed is a challenge. Azure Integration Services is a suite of related services in Azure: Logic Apps for workflow, Service Bus for messaging, Event Grid for reactive processing and API Management to publish and consume APIs. Alone these capabilities are all useful, but together they act as a agent for change and modernisation to quickly and easily automate and integrate applications, data and SaaS. Even on-premises systems such as SAP, SharePoint Server and IBM systems are easily integrated using our rich connector capabilities, as well as data sources, Office, Dynamics and services such as SalesForce. In this session, leave with an understanding of the capabilities and how you can get started today to drive amazing results in your organisation.