01 Nov. 13:30 - 14:30 | L3 Session Room 1

AI’s well that ends well: What Shakespeare can teach us about the effect of bias on diversity and inclusion?

Every day we depend more and more on Artificial Intelligence to guide us in the choices we make. But how can we be sure the machines are not flawed in their thinking? Of particular concern is the impact that bias in the algorithms AI uses has on our pursuit of greater Diversity and Inclusion. In many ways the failings of machines are a simple reflection of our own shortcomings as human beings, fraught with ignorance, preconception and corruption. In seeking to understand machine bias and its impact on D&I we turn to one of the best catalogues of dysfunctional human behaviour, the works of William Shakespeare. In an interactive and theatrical session we will draw back the curtain on the different forms of bias and reveal what Britain's most famous playwright can tell us about how to resolve them.