01 Nov. 15:00 - 16:00 | L3 Session Room 7

Future technology trends explained (Repeat session)

You may have attended “Understanding the impact of technology trends today” on the first day of Future Decoded. In this session, we explore a little bit further into the future. Michael Wignall, Microsoft UK’s Chief Technology Officer, will delve into how Spatial Computing evolves from Mixed Reality, the impact of stable Quantum Computing on how we think about problems, and take a peek at emerging technologies from Microsoft Research. Hear how ethical, emphatic AI is getting ever closer to providing us true digital companions who are helpful assistants, and possibly friends. Join us in looking out to the horizon so you can prepare your organisations for technical developments that promise to transform our lives more than ever before. Gain an understanding of the digital skills that will be required for this future and what practical investments we can all make today to be ready for it!