31 Oct. 11:30 - 12:00 | L0 - Expo Purple Theatre 1

Journey to 99% cloud based infrastructure

Join me on a journey through transitioning a leading arts organisation - the National Theatre - into the cloud. It’s not just rehearsals, prop creation and costume production that characterise a typical day at the National Theatre - technology is just as critical to the success of our organisation. Every customer transaction, digital asset, and website click have to pass through our applications infrastructure and be processed with world-class technology performance. Cloud based infrastructure gives us more scalability, minimises the threat of on premise physical disasters and as vast majority of our staff are not office based, the implementation of managed Microsoft Office 365 allows them to work and communication effectively from any location, often from their own mobile devices. Key points: Why moving arts to the cloud is essential for our organisation? Our journey to 99% cloud based infrastructure The future of art: where next for the National Theatre  
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