31 Oct. 15:00 - 16:00 | L3 - Session Room 07

"Our approach to GDPR compliance" from Drax, Home Office & Welsh Assembly

During this panel session, you'll hear from Drax, Home Office and The National Assembly for Wales as well as one of our key Microsoft partners, Mint Tulip. They will each share their experiences and learnings in determining their GDPR readiness and creating a plan to become compliant before a Q&A that addresses some of the following burning questions: What insights do you have that could help others, based on your journey so far? What other benefits are there for you in being GDPR compliant? Do you have any stories about the ‘Processes’ you’re having to go through to become compliant you’re able to share? Hear from Martin Sloan (CISO, Drax), Robert Clifford (Home Office), Mark Neilson (Head of ICT & Broadcasting, The National Assembly for Wales), Adrian King (Mint Tulip), and Craig Fellowes (Sales Director, Microsoft).
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