31 Oct. 13:30 - 14:00 | L0 - Expo Purple Theatre 2

“Powering the Aggreko Cloud - Find out how a global FTSE 250 customer approach security and mobility with the modern cloud” Aggreko

Headquartered in Glasgow, Aggreko is the world leader in temporary power generation and temperature control equipment. They continuously invest in new equipment, people and technology, reinventing themselves every 3-5 years through business transformation. However, with geographically dispersed locations, hundreds of third-party applications and multiple platforms for accessing the corporate environment, Aggreko was struggling to provision services and applications for frontline workers. The business required a robust contingency plan and a solution that was proactive, reliable and agile. In this session, Lynne Wightman and Andrew Norrie will discuss the rollout of Enterprise Mobility + Security to their global workforce, including an identity solution which has enabled users to access the devices and apps they require to get their work completed efficiently whilst protecting company information. They will also reveal how any threats across the 120 global locations are detected and dealt with quickly through behavioural analytics (Advanced Threat Analytics), as well as how Aggreko’s UK-based security team now have an accurate overview and control of their IT estate by connecting their Cloud and on-premise environments through Cloud App Security.
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