A year in the life of the most important new addition to your business: The Data Protection Officer (DPO)

With the ascent of cloud-enabled businesses and new regulations such as GDPR, the role of risk managers, now DPOs, has fundamentally changed. Risk and compliance can no longer be managed in the old way but the new way is yet to be defined. And that role of the DPO has the potential to not only protect a business in an ever more regulated world but also to be a strategic driver for transformation in the era of cloud. Join us as a Microsoft lawyer discusses the challenges and insights from the last year with a panel of DPOs from across various regulated industries. Hear in their own words what they want the technology industry to know, how they have navigated the ever-changing environment and help their businesses mitigate risk and earn customer trust in return. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions to the panel for the last 15 minutes.