01 Nov. 12:00 - 12:30 | L1 Sponsor Yellow Theatre

Azure Stack with Lenovo

Microsoft and Lenovo bring hybrid cloud and certified hyper converged infrastructure to your data centre Hear from Darren Small (Microsoft UKI Azure Stack technical lead) and Mark Edwards (Lenovo, Microsoft solutions) on; Microsoft and Lenovo discuss certified Storage Spaces Direct solutions supporting Microsoft AzureStack; a joint hybrid cloud solution bring a subset of Azure cloud services to your Data Centre. The Lenovo Certified Node series is engineered to simplify adoption of Microsoft WSSD Solutions for Storage Spaces Direct delivering hyper converged infrastructure (HCI), whether for ROBO or Enterprise deploy with confidence. Microsoft Azure Stack a hybrid cloud solution from Lenovo comes with all hardware factory-configured, pretested, preinstalled in a rack, and ready to go. With Lenovo professional services to setup, configure and install all the software you can be ready to deploy services and, because Lenovo supports all parts of the solution, you don’t have to run back and forth between vendors because of interoperability and compatibility problems.


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