31 Oct. 15:00 - 16:00 | L3 - Session Room 08

Secrets of Successful Teams

How can we get more done in less time? We team up. But that doesn't always help. Why? Because teamwork is messy: different opinions and priorities, lack of communication and information, or not the right people working together. What do high performance teams do differently, and why are team members more focused, satisfied and relaxed? This session will help you understand the secrets of successful teams. The best teams set and follow goals, ensure diversity, find a good balance between concentration and collaboration, monitor and continually improve team health, embrace transparency, and much more. He will share techniques including: job rotations, open demos, focus days, sanity checks and many more that help teams and team members to work more effectively together, and produce awesome results. About CTRL (Control Through Leadership Teams): The aim of CTRL is to make developing people skills a first class concern within the technical world, bringing it out of the shadows and enhancing the leadership qualities through real, practical and honest guidance & conversation. Find out more here:
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