31 Oct. 12:45 - 13:15 | L1 Blue Theatre

Expo Theatre: test and learn (with humans)

What will quantum computing, multi-reality, blockchain and AI mean for your customers and will people trust all of this new technology? At Fluxx we run experiments with real customers to reveal problems before they are baked into a product. It is an idea that we learned from startups - someone bootstrapping an idea from their kitchen table can’t afford to waste time or money on ideas that are unlikely to succeed. We have used this approach to re-invent retailers, test ‘banking bots’ in Dubai and even turn an insurance business into an ‘all you need for your dog’ business. For instance, working on an intelligent mobility project, we needed to learn how Cambridge commuters would use a high-tech transport system that hadn’t been built. So minicabs stood in for autonomous taxis and buses and staff with bundles of tickets stood in for unified billing systems. We took customers on 118 trips and gained unique insights into their expectations and reactions. In this session Tricky will reveal how experiments can be used to understand people's reactions to technology and why the results won’t always be what you expect.