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LiveTiles is a global company out to reshape the way people interact with technology, through transformative enterprise solutions and intelligent design. Our intelligent workplace software helps professionals and educators invest their time in high-value activities and get the most out of their digital investments. LiveTiles makes the complex simple through innovative software combining artificial intelligence and analytics with a user-friendly interface. Whether it's deploying a set of productivity-enhancing bots, building a portal that surfaces your most-used apps and resources in a compelling interface, or empowering IT teams with actionable usage metrics, LiveTiles strives to close the feedback loop between the end user, designers, and IT teams and provide a truly intelligent user experience. LiveTiles received the 2018 Microsoft US ‘Modern Workplace Transformation’ Partner Award, and LiveTiles Bots was awarded the 2018 "Best Application of AI in the Enterprise" AIconics award. LiveTiles is a proud Work180 Flex-Able Certified and Endorsed Employer for Women.