Wednesday 1st November 2017

Tech Deep Dive

The Tech Deep Dive track is full of technical content, by techies for techies, with a focus on code, scripts, data and demos.

Your day will start with our opening keynote on Technology Innovation. Hear how you might use DNA to store data in the future rather than hard drives and discover how AI could work better with humans by becoming emotionally intelligent.

You can then choose from a wide variety of deep technical sessions covering virtual and mixed reality, Blockchain, web and mobile development, Serverless and containers, infrastructure and DevOps, IoT, data and analytics, machine learning, deep learning, AI, bots and intelligent agents. 

Develop Mixed Reality Applications with Unity for Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft and Unity have been working closely to provide Unity developers the tools to create Mixed Reality (MR) applications for HoloLens. Microsoft’s HoloLens is a revolutionary device and creating content for it will require equally revolutionary ideas. At Future Decoded this year we have Tony Parisi, Global Head of VR & AR at Unity Technologies joining us to talk about how virtual, augmented and mixed reality are changing the way we work, live, play and communicate. We'll also have a deep dive tech session into Windows Mixed Reality Development in Unity. In this code-driven session, we’ll start from scratch and go on a journey using Unity, Visual Studio and C# to build an application to illustrate functionality that’s commonly found in mixed reality scenarios.

Day 1 :

October 31, 2018

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