Wednesday 1st November 2017

Azure Summit: Digital Disruption Today and Tomorrow

For enterprise business & technology decision makers, the Azure Summit features a number of Microsoft customers including ASOS, Clearbank, Red Hat and Daisy who have transformed their business over the last 10 years and will share their stories of, and insight into, digital disruption - showcasing how organisations old and new are using technology to fundamentality change the game in business. You will also hear from Microsoft executives, including Julia White Corporate Vice President of Azure and Joseph Sirosh Corporate Vice President of Data, who will share insights into what you can expect from Microsoft to help you on your journey to Digital Transformation. 

Presented in three bite-sized sessions, the Azure Summit will take you on a complete cloud journey from discovery to roadmap for transformation. The Summit will showcase transformation as well as the cultural change and the steps you need to take within your organisation to develop an internal culture to be successful in a world of cloud, data and AI automation.  

11.30-12.30: 'The state of the nation today – your competitor is less than 10 years old’.

Hear how business professionals, from companies both large and small, are changing the rules within their industry by harnessing data leading to hyper growth. 

13.30-14.30: 'Looking to Tomorrow'

A forward looking view to how to prepare for the evolving changes of tomorrow while dealing with the reality of your technology and business environment today. This session will focus on IoT, AI and Blockchain - demonstrating practical use cases you can roll out with immediate effect as well as a vision of what is next for Azure.

15:00-16:00: 'Roadmap for future transformation.'

The final session of the Day 'Roadmap for future transformation' will cover the practical and cultural steps needed to continue your Azure journey, offering a chance to hear from customers about their own experiences and insights.

Day 1 :

October 31, 2018

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