Dr. Rupert Page

Epilepsy Care Alliance

Chief Clinical Information Officer and Consultant Neurologist & Clinical Lead


Dr Page trained in London, Bristol and Southampton. Appointed as consultant neurologist at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in 2008, with 5 colleagues he provides general adult neurology cover across the whole of Dorset. In addition, he set up and runs the Dorset Epilepsy Service with two epilepsy specialist nurse colleagues, providing a specialist service to adults with epilepsy across county. He has run a joint clinic in West Dorset for patients with motor neurone disease (MND) since 2009 and the neurology lead for central nervous system (CNS) cancer in Dorset since 2011. His research interests include neurodegenerative disease, magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy; clinical IT and expert systems. An interest in computers and technology began with early home computers in 1982. His decision to study neuroscience and medicine was, in part, prompted by the “AI winter” during the 1980’s. Since 2009 he has been the Clinical Safety Officer for Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and additionally has been the Chief Clinical Information Officer since 2014. He has previously prototyped and helped develop commercial software for medical workforce management, and was an original co-founder of Zircadian. In 2014 he was part of a consortium which was awarded a significant grant from Innovate UK as part of the Digital Health competition. This project is based on ideas that came from the challenges of delivering specialist epilepsy services to a rural population with poor transport networks. It provides an innovative approach to epilepsy care delivery, integrating patient held electronic records with wearable technology and clinical records. The aim is to enable safe supported self-management at the point of need using a fusion of technology with the full panoply of expert medical care.

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