Gavin Kemp


Technology Solutions Professional


I’m Gavin Kemp, an Azure Infrastructure Specialist with Microsoft UK aligned to public sector customers. I have had a diverse career in IT spanning nearly 28 years ranging from mainframe support for large financial organisations to control systems running productions lines in factories. I have specialised in infrastructure and infrastructure management during this career and have transitioned from the traditional monolithic mainframe to today’s connected IOT enabled world. I view cloud computing not as the ultimate destination but as an enabler that provides scale when needed and economies when not. I’ve seen great changes in my career but view these as only the start. Technologies like Azure and Azure Stack are great engineering achievements but what truly excites me is how our customers and partners are building as business solutions on these; shortening project times and delivering real innovation. Outside of my day job I’m a father of 2 active boys, a qualified sailing instructor and husband to my long suffering wife Claire.

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